Why Wireless Locks?

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the parking lot, arms full of groceries, children, or briefcases, and about 20 feet from the car, you just push a button and the doors unlock. No fumbling for the keys, no balancing act with the items in your arms. Simple. Easy. And then you get home, gather up all the stuff again, and find yourself fumbling for the house key, doing a balancing act. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid the hassle both times? Why can you wirelessly unlock your car but not your house? Actually, you can unlock your house without a key.

Relatively new, wireless locks make getting in your house as easy as getting in your car. Working on basically the same principle as remote keys for cars, wireless locks use a computer to move the deadbolt instead of manually turning the mechanism with a key. Some use a number pad and a code, others a remote.

locksMost devices can even be connected to your smartphone or tablet. This means you can check on the locks when you’re anywhere with wi-fi. Worried about the house while on vacation? Stuck at a meeting and need to let your aunt in the house? Wireless locks make it easy to lock/unlock the door without having to be there. You can even setup a timer for the locks to run off. This means that you don’t have to remember to lockup at night, or it means that latchkey kids don’t have to worry about losing the key.

Another advantage of wireless locks is that the system works on more than one door. The whole house can be automated, with all the locks synchronized or working individually. The system can even be coordinated with other automated systems in the house, like the heat/ac or blinds and lights. When this is setup, with one push of a button, at home or where ever, you can tell your house to lock the doors, turn down the lights, and set the temperature for sleeping.

Wireless locks are a great investment in peace, ease and security. They can be setup in new homes, or integrated into existing systems. Big Fish Automation can easily and quickly install a wireless lock system that will make your home a castle, full of safety and ease. Get more information today!

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