Setting the Thermostat

There is a chill in the air, the leaves are turning colors, and kids are talking about Halloween costumes. It’s fall, for sure, and that means the heater in your home will soon be on more often.

Everyone likes to be comfortable in their own home, and having the temperature set at the perfect spot is more important than you might think. Some people lose sleep every night because their bedrooms are either too hot or too cold. Our bodies naturally set our internal temperatures a little cooler when we sleep, but if it gets too cold around us (or too hot) we will wake up, and struggle to go back to sleep. So setting up your HVAC system with a temperature you can live and sleep in comfortably is essential.

Some people believe that maintaining the same temperature in the home all the time helps lessen wear and tear on the heater and air conditioner. While lots of ups and downs and interruptions to the schedule is bad for the machines, you will actually help them run more efficiently if you let the temperature in your house change. The secret to this is that the heater or a/c will take longer to get the house to the right temperature to farther that temperature is from the temperature outside. For example, if it’s 80° Fahrenheit and you want your home to be 60° F, then the a/c has to work until it has dropped 20°. But if you set your inside temperature to 72°, then it’s only 8° difference, so the a/c doesn’t have to be on as long. The same is true in the winter.

automation_heroAnother way to use your thermostat to your advantage, both in comfort and in money matters, is to make the house either hotter or colder (depending on the season) when you aren’t home. Say that you and your spouse (and kids, maybe) are out of the house for at least 4 hours straight during the week. When that happens, you can turn the thermostat to heat the house to only 45° or 50°. This will help use less energy to heat an empty space, and your furniture won’t mind at all. (Pets might be a different story!) Then, you can program your thermostat to turn the heat back up to 68° or so a little while before you come home; you won’t even notice that your house was nearly freezing all day.

Turning the thermostat up and down and programming it to the right temperatures can be a pain. That’s why letting the Utah home automation experts install a climate control system, one that links to your whole house and your smartphone, just makes sense. It will help with energy bills this winter for sure!

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