Security Cameras

Always know what’s going on around your house with a security camera system from Big Fish Automation. Our security camera systems include the following benefits:

  • Smart Phone Accessible
  • Computer Accessible
  • Always recording, or recording on motion
  • Email notification


Everyone wants to know what’s going on in and around their home. What’s the babysitter doing? Are the kids behaving themselves in the backyard? Who’s at the front door?

Aside from just knowing what’s going on around your home, security is always the main concern. Big Fish Automation cameras are motion sensitive and can be set to automatically record motionbetween specified times. When motion is recorded, it will send an email straight to your smartphone!

Traditional security systems will only alert you when forced entry occurs. Big Fish automated surveillance systems alert you before danger ever tries one of your doors, giving you more time to alert the authorities. If the motion is just your neighbor’s cat, you can go right back to sleep – no wandering your dark house with a baseball bat ever again.

Easiest Access

Many companies will offer you internet accessible security cameras. The problem is that in order to access them, you need to get to a computer, and access the monitoring website. You need to log in with your username and password, choose which camera to view, and wait… Endlessly wait.

Big Fish Automation gets you cameras that are always accessible straight from your smartphone – no login required. You can monitor all cameras at once, or view a single camera on full screen. You will also receive automated alerts based on criteria you choose – for instance, alert me whenever motion is detected in my back yard between the hours of midnight and 6:00am with a message on my phone.

Not only will your family be safer, but you’ll also be able to always know what’s going on at your home. We are easily able to integrate your system into an existing home, and our systems integrate with all major security systems for full control through your phone or ipad!

Big Fish Automation Security Camera Systems

Internet Connectivity

With the internet connectivity option, your camera surveillance is accessible from any internet browser, in real time. This allows viewing from smart phones, or anywhere you have a connection to the World Wide Web.

Television or Monitor

Viewing security camera footage is as easy as selecting a channel on your tv. Footage can be recorded to be viewed on a television, or computer monitor, or can be viewed in real time. If you are enjoying American Idol in your home theater, and your doorbell rings, you can take advantage of your front door camera, and have the image of your front stoop displayed on your television.

Night Vision

Whether the sun is out or not, you can see what is happening on the perimeter of your home. You can rest assured that your surveillance equipment is catching detailed, full resolution images, despite the cloak of darkness.

Multiple Locations

Cameras can be placed in the locations you want surveyed most, and have the images displayed to the same monitor, making it possible to track many areas of your home, indoor and out, at the same time.


Whether you want to be able to see what is going on inside or outside your home, Big Fish can accommodate. Our cameras can withstand the rigors of the elements, as well as blend into your home décor.

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