Big Fish Automation is the security installer you want when you want every door and window in your house secured, and you want full access to the entire system from anywhere in the world.

Video Surveillance

Always know what’s going on around your house with a security camera system from Big Fish Automation. Our security camera systems include the following benefits:

Smart Phone Accessible
Computer Accessible
Always recording, or recording on motion
Email notification

Night Vision

Whether the sun is out or not, you can see what is happening on the perimeter of your home. You can rest assured that your surveillance equipment is catching detailed, full resolution images, despite the cloak of darkness.

Multiple Locations

Cameras can be placed in the locations you want surveyed most, and have the images displayed to the same monitor, making it possible to track many areas of your home, indoor and out, at the same time.


Whether you want to be able to see what is going on inside or outside your home, Big Fish can accommodate. Our cameras can withstand the rigors of the elements, as well as blend into your home décor.

Alarm Systems

Have peace of mind with a home alarm system. Scare off potential burglars and notify the authorities if someone does break in.

Big Fish Automation security systems can feature:

- Motion sensing
- Glass break
- Window and door sensing
- Smart phone arming and disarming
- Integration with home automation systems

- Big Fish doesn't provide monitoring services.