Savant – Complete Home Automation


You like your home a certain way, which is exactly why Savant allows complete adaptability. Rather than feeling like you are installing something foreign in your home, Savant acts as an extension, combining intuition and elegance with technology. This high-end system can run just about any home function you design it to, from within the comfort of your bedroom or even a thousand miles away. Think of Savant as your personal assistant–always looking out for your safety and comfort.

The “True Control” Advantage

One major perk about Savant is the award-winning iOS app, True Control. The first of its kind, True Control works seamlessly with your Apple products, allowing you to customize the home functions to fit your lifestyle. Do you want your coffee machine to start in the morning when you turn on your light? Done. Do you need to check on your home while you’re out on vacation? Done. Control your lighting, climate, security, and more with the touch of a button.


Savant connects you with your home, using a variety of advanced features:

  • Lighting – Control your lighting to set the mood, wake you up, or preserve energy while you are away. Savant also provides elegant lighting solutions to impress your guests with a little bit of ambiance.
  • Climate – Now you can make everyone in the house happy by setting different temperatures for different rooms. Keep the house cool by drawing the shades at a set time each day. Or, use your app while you are away and adjust the temperature so it is a comfortable level by the time you get home.
  • Entertainment – “Just push play” when it’s movie night. No need to round up the remotes or dig up the DVD collection. Everything you own can be neatly stored in a cloud. Stream from Hulu, Netflix, and more.
  • Security – You can’t put a price on your peace of mind. Create security settings for working, sleeping, or vacationing. Access your security cameras, intercom system, and receive alerts if anything suspicious or damaging happens while you are out.
  • Savant plus – unlock even more features, like greater personalization and complete remote access.
  • Media distribution – Your flatscreens may be in all different rooms of your house, but your media players don’t have to be. You can access your Bluray player, DVD player, and even all of your different game consoles from any TV in the house using Savant’s distribution system. Plus, you can save money by spending less on media players while eliminating all of that under-the-tv clutter.

We install Savant Home Automation in Salt Lake City, Park City, Cottonwood, & more

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