Media Room Fun

What are the rooms in your home designed for?

Kitchen: well, that’s easy: making food.

Living room: duh! living. But more formal living, like greeting guests, is the understanding.

Bedroom: again, easy. Sleeping. You know, on a bed.

Bathroom: Pretty obvious. Bathing. And other things we all know the room is designed for.

But what about a basement? Or that extra room that’s not really a living room, or a bedroom? Why not turn it into another room that’s easy to define?

Media room: a place to gather media for use by the occupants of a home.

But this definition doesn’t help explain the awesomeness that a media room can be. This is the fun room, and this post is going to tell you why.

You probably hear the word “media” all the time. But what does it really mean? If you google “definition of media,” Google will give you a set of definitions for “media” and “medium”, since the words are related . There are several that apply to this awesome space you should have in your house:

  1. The main means of mass communication: television, radio, internet, newspapers, etc.
  2. A means by which something is expressed or communicated.
  3. The substance in which an organism lives.
  4. the material used by an artist, composer, or writer.

Take these technical definitions and mix them together, and you’ll start to understand the potential of a media room: a place where the family can gather to experience TV, radio, the Internet, books, news, and games, as well as communicate with each other. This room is a living space where family members can be creative and feel comfortable.

So what exactly can you put in a media room? The easier question might be what can’t you put in a media room! Here’s just a few possibilities:


  • a big LED TV or a projector
  • comfy couches
  • a conference table
  • a wet bar
  • a concession stand
  • a chalkboard wall
  • pool table
  • video game system(s)
  • fireplace
  • custom shelving
  • hidden rooms/doors
  • display for collectibles
  • computer(s)
  • office space
  • beanbags
  • central hub for house automation controls

And this is only a few ideas to get you started. A media room is more than another living room, and it’s even more than a family room. The media room is a place to gather your family together, where creativity is free and memories are made. Media rooms in Utah are easy with Big Fish Automation. Why not start designing your dream room today?


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