Lighting Control

Have you ever visited a relative or friend’s house, especially for an extended stay, and been baffled by the light switches? Spent 5 minutes even in your own house trying to remember which switch turns on the garage light? Worried that a burglar would be able to tell you were on vacation since the lights in your house will be off for 2 weeks straight? Solving all of these problems and more is the beauty of lighting control.

LED_detailLighting control puts your entire home’s lights on one control panel. So no dealing with switches, fumbling in the dark, tip-toeing so you don’t trip, or trying to explain to your aunt that the switch for the closet is located behind the door and to just keep reaching. With automated lighting, the outside lights can come on at 9:20, ready for when you get home from the movies at 9:30.

Automated lights have a “vacation” setting, so it will still look like someone’s home when you head off for fun, deterring criminals.

Automated lights can also be set with a dimmer setting for night, so you aren’t blinded when you head to the bathroom at 3 am.

And for those times when the kids can’t seem to remember to ever turn off a light, automated lighting control can turn off lights if the room is empty for a certain timeframe.

Since lighting control allows you to turn off lights from one convenient location, put the lights on a dimmer setting when full power isn’t needed, and can be operated remotely from a smartphone, it helps you use less electricity for the lights. Automated lighting is energy efficient, and can save you money on the electric bill.

Utah lighting control is easy to get with Big Fish Automation. And other advantage of automated lights: turning everything off so the amazing stars can be seen in full brilliance.



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