LED Lighting Awesomeness

LED (light-emitting diode) have increased in popularity recently. LEDs last longer than other types of lighting, and use less energy to make the same amount of light. But the big reason to use LEDs is the amazing spectrum of color that can be created. LEDs can create light in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, allowing nearly endless color and brightness combinations.

Check out this hallway, lit with LED lights:


Isn’t the subtle purple on the floor incredible? And this is just a small sample of what LED lights can do.

As an accent light, LED lighting works well.  It’s an easy way to enhance bookcases, shelving, countertops, or art. The LED lights are gentler on art pieces than traditional forms of light. Because they are smaller than traditional forms of lighting, LED can also be placed in areas inaccessible with other lights.

LEDs also like the outside. They aren’t made of glass, unlike “normal” light bulbs, which means they can withstand vibrations and temperature changes better. LEDs lights are perfect for cold storage rooms, the garage, or the pool. And, since LEDs have a much longer life than traditional bulbs (you can leave an LED light on continuously for 11 years!) then there is no hassle with replacing hard to reach lights.

Another benefit of LEDs is that they consume much less electricity than florescent bulbs. Statistics say that about 80% of the energy emitted by a florescent light is released as heat. LEDs are nearly the opposite, losing only 20% of their energy as heat. This means that even if it costs a little more to initially install LEDs, over the life of the bulb, you’ll gain back that money in savings from your power bill.

A final reason to like LEDs is the amount of control over the lighting you have. Because it is “digital” light, you can interact with it using technology. It’s simple to set up a system where from your smartphone or a control panel in the house, you can turn off all the lights, change the color of the lights, or turn on just one bank of lights. The arrangement possibilities of LEDs are endless, which also provides more control over the lighting in your home, including creating mood lighting or light shows.

In Utah, LED lighting is easy to get from Big Fish Automation. We custom design each system we install, insuring that you will be stunned by the results of your new energy-efficient, multi-colored, environmentally-friendly lighting. Call us today!

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