Home theater is an experience. An escape for your senses. And it can mean everything from the best flat-screen and audio system available for that perfect corner of your basement, to  a dedicated room with theater seats, a primo projector and surround sound. Big Fish can help you figure out the home theater that works for your life and your home right now — while getting the most value possible for your money.

Whether you’re interested in creating a relaxing and fun entertainment room for your family to spend some quality time in, or your sights are set higher with a top-of-the-line home theater system, Big Fish Automation is ready to deliver a breathtaking experience. Every Big Fish home theater is completely custom.

Learn more about JBL Synthesis — the standard in audio technology for home theaters.

Theater Rooms

Any room in your home can become a home theater experience. Whether it is a dedicated room or a shared space, Big Fish Automation can help create it.

Theater Seating

Dim the lights, pass around the popcorn and roll the opening credits. Movie night has come home in a big way! Our home theater seating provides the ultimate movie experience with features like motorized seat functions, cup holders, LED lighting, storage and more.
Swivel Table
Tablet Holder
In-Arm Storage
LED Lighting
Powered Recliner

Models and colors shown are on display at the Big Fish Automation showroom

Octane Azure LHR

Octane Flex HR

Octane Turbo XL700

Octane Pillow HR

Octane Flash HR

Media Rooms

It’s a game room, a family room and often the best place in the house for a home theater. Media rooms are made for all forms of hanging out. We can help you turn yours into a great place to watch movies, sports and more.

Can you create a theater experience without a designated four-wall space? Can you have a home theater without fancy tiered seating? Of course! Media rooms are a very popular way to take advantage of space in the home when a dedicated theater room is not possible.

Video Distribution

Multiple TV’s? Tons of Blu-rays and media? We can centralize your video distribution so all media lives in the same place and can be accessed easily by remote control. We can even retrofit based on existing systems.