Wireless Locks

Did you forget to lock the doors when you left home? With Big Fish Automation remote control door locks, you can:

  • Lock any and all doors at the touch of a button
  • Program your doors to lock automatically at night
  • Let the babysitter in while you’re away
  • See which doors are unlocked on a visual floorplan
  • Lock or unlock your doors from anywhere

All from your smartphone.

Lock and unlock your doors remotely with automated locking deadbolts and handles. These automated locking systems work with Crestron and Control 4 automation platforms.

Have you ever wished you could lock up the house without having to wander around? Have you ever been in a hurry to leave the house and didn’t have time to check all the locks? Have you ever forgotten to lock one of your doors in the middle of the night? Ever wished you could let someone into your home while you were away?

Not only is all of this possible, it’s both simple and affordable with Big Fish Automation.


You can integrate your door locks with your lights and blinds (or almost anything else you can imagine) to work in unison. For instance, hit the “goodnight” button on your iPhone, and every door locks, all lights go off, and all the blinds close.

Control your locks and any other system in your home from your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry are all supported), iPod, iPad, as well as included touch screens and remotes. And all these devices connect you to your home, no matter where you are in the world.

Easy to Retrofit

Do you want to add remote control locks to your existing home? No problem. We’re awesome at retrofitting homes and making sure it looks perfect before we leave. If you’re looking to install in a new home, well, that’s no problem either.

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