Motorized Blinds

Electronic motorized window blinds are the pinnacle of privacy and convenience. With automatic blinds, you can control any shade at the push of a button, on a schedule. And you can integrated them with all the other systems in your home.

The benefits of motorized blinds include:

  • Remote control for “hard to reach” blinds.
  • Timer control protecting the furniture from the sun and allowing wonderful views on a schedule.
  • Impressive ambient light control in theaters. 

Case Study #1 Motorized Shades

People love the effect automated blinds have on their privacy and on their wallets. They’re an ultra-convenient way to use less energy in your home and ensure privacy, plus they add a very dramatic visual effect to your home.


The funny thing about closing manual blinds for privacy is that you have to walk right up to them while you need the privacy. Motorized blinds solve this issue.

Energy Savings

Light and heat from the sun means light you don’t have to pay for. Lower energy consumption in your home makes you feel good, and makes your wallet happy too.


A system that pays for itself is nice, but automated blinds also have an awesome convenience factor. Opening and closing the blinds several times per day can be a real pain. Control your system from your smartphone, iPad, iPod, computer, or wall touch panel.

Just Awesome

Automated blinds are super convenient and they’re money savers for sure, but when your friends and family see the dramatic effect when your home fills with light or goes pitch black at the push of a button, they’ll be blown away. Awesome home technologies always make you the big fish in your neighborhood.

Blinds Programming

Being able to open the blinds remotely is definitely nice, but having set schedules is where the value really comes in. Here are some of the common programs that our clients request:

Morning Mode – As the sun comes up, fill your home with the morning light. Automatically follow the sunrise times so that your windows are always covered until it’s light.

Evening Mode – As the sun sets and your interior lights come on, blinds close automatically. Automatically follows your sunset times so that your windows are always covered, not allowing visibility into your home.

Privacy Mode – Haven’t gotten dressed for the day yet? No problem – hit the privacy mode button to close your blinds so you can walk throughout your house in confidence.

Efficiency Mode – As the sun moves, opens the blinds towards it for the maximum heating of your home. Automatically closes to keep warmth in your home.

Vacation Mode -When you go on vacation, you don’t want anyone to see you aren’t at home. Hit vacation mode to keep your blinds shut while you’re gone.


Remote controlled blinds are definitely cool, but where it gets even better is when your blinds are integrated into the other systems in your home. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Lighting – Let outside light brighten your home so your electricity doesn’t have to.
  • Heating – Heat your home with the strong sun to save on your heating bill.
  • Air Conditioning – Cool your home without the outside sun warming it.
  • Home Theater – Tired of the glare on your screen from the sun? Hit the home theater button to have your theater automatically darken to prepare for your show.
  • Home Audio – Would you be embarrassed if someone saw you dancing? No problem! Set the shades to lower when your volume is set to dancing levels.

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