Climate Control

Increase comfort and decrease energy bills by letting Big Fish program a new thermostat to warm up and cool down parts of your house based on your schedule and your preferences. Then you can control the whole system from your smart phone, even when you’re at work or on vacation. Big Fish has the touchscreens thermostats, handy apps and know-how to improve your climate control at home.

Have you ever been on your way home, and dreaded the thought of walking in to a freezing or hot house? We see this a lot with our clients who have a second home or a cabin where they visit a few times per year. It doesn’t make sense to run the thermostat all year long when you’re only there for a week at a time.

The solution is simple – your smart thermostat can be controlled by your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, iPod, or computer. Simply touch a button on your phone to heat or cool your home so it’s perfect when you get there. Hit another button on your way out, and your home returns to standby mode.

Integrate Your Climate Control System with Other Systems in Your House

  • Vacation Mode – Touch this button to automatically set your home to a standby state. Thermostat is set to a low-energy maintenance setting, doors lock, blinds close, security system sets, and lights simulate usage.
  • Goodnight Mode – This setting turns all lights out, locks all doors, arms the security system, and sets the bedroom temperature to the level that is comfortable for sleeping.
  • Coming Home Mode – Hit the button on your way home from work, or when arriving at your cabin. The thermostat makes sure your home is comfortable by the time you get there, security system disarms, and entryway lights illuminate.
  • Wakeup Mode – Hit this button, or schedule it for when you wake up in the morning. The blinds will open towards the sun, your favorite songs come on in place of an alarm, security system disarms, and bedroom lights turn on.

What Can You Do with Automated Climate Control?

Save Money. Save Energy. Save the Planet. What can’t you do with automated climate control? You’ll never have to funnel expensive energy costs into an empty home. Not only can you trust that your home is using less energy, you can check it or change it right from your phone, anywhere in the world.

Control your thermostat (or anything in your home, for that matter) with:

  • iPhone
  • Android Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Remote Control
  • Wall touch panel
  • Computer (PC, Mac, or Linux)

This ensures that you’re always in control of your environment.

Independent Heating & Cooling Zones

If your HVAC system is equipped to handle zones, controlled climate gets awesome.

Currently, the majority of thermostats are incredibly inefficient. They are located in an easy-access location where the air gets warm fast, while the upstairs rooms are several degrees cooler. You end up having to keep the main rooms warmer than necessary to make sure the bedrooms are comfortable. That’s a big waste, and a huge pain.

Imagine having zones for your living spaces, bedrooms, and garage that are all programmable and controllable from your phone. Besides the convenience factor, think of how much money that will save you over time only heating/cooling the areas that need it, when they need it.

Most people don’t use bedrooms very much during the day, and don’t use living spaces much at night. They also like to sleep in a different temperature than they normally live in. The solution is to put the bedrooms on their own heating/cooling zone and programs, and do the same for living space. It’s a fantastic system for new construction, and as with all Big Fish Automation installs, controlling your thermostat remotely is simple.