Control4 — Ultimate Automation for your Home and Business


The average home has dozens of complicated switches and functions that can be a headache to navigate. It seems as though each system speaks a different language and those simple tasks, like adjusting your thermostat, feel like a game you can’t win. Even your entertainment center requires at least three or four remotes to fully use, plus there’s always that one remote that ends up missing.

Well, now you don’t have to hunt for that lost remote, nor do you have to maneuver your way through complicated systems; Control4 streamlines all your utilities and electronics so that you can control them in the most user-friendly way possible. Save time (and your sanity).

How it Works

Control4 streamlines the utilities in your home or office and allows you to navigate everything you need from anywhere in your house. You will no longer have to get off the couch to turn on the television, dim the lights, or change the thermostat as long as you have a smartphone or tablet nearby. Many functions, including lights and blinds, can be automatically set to go on and off at any times of day you choose, so most of the work is done without you having to think twice.


Plus, if your home has more than one furnace and thermostat, it can be quite a chore to manually adjust the temperature in your home. In this case, home automation is almost a necessity. You will no longer need to make a trip around your home just to adjust the temperature by two or three degrees. Get access to all of your thermostats and change them all in one place.

Check out the incredible options Control4 Automation has for your home:

  • Family time – Create personalized light and music settings for dinner prep, sunday get togethers, nap time, bedtime, etc.
  • Energy saver – Save energy and protect your home with the “goodbye” function that adjusts the temperature, turns off the lights, and sets the alarm system when you step out the door.
  • Security – Be notified during the night if anyone is awake and moving around or opens certain doors. Security cameras keep you in touch with your napping baby, people at the front door, or your children playing in another room.
  • Movie night helper – Have a “pause” button that turns on the lights when your movie is paused, ideal for those inevitable bathroom breaks and snack breaks.
  • Backyard ambience – Heat up your pool, hot tub, and navigate your patio lights from inside or outside of your home.
  • Touch screens – The addition of a touch screen brings elegance and ease to any media room or family room.
  • Audio control – Play music from your phone, computer, tablet, or other electronic items for up to 16 different rooms at once.
  • Welcome home setting – Control4 recognizes when you are pulling into your garage and can turn on the main lights inside of your house for you.
  • Front Door Safety – A subtle camera set-up displays a clear picture of your visitors (via your tablet, phone, tv, or other) while you are safely inside any area of your house.
  • Smart remote – Program one remote to take the place of all of your remotes. Finally!
  • Temperature control – Control multiple thermostats with one application, no matter where you are at in (or out of) your home.
  • Media distribution – Too many blu-rays, media files, and DVDs holding you down? Control4 allows you to store all of your mp3s, videos, media servers, and even your Apple TV so you can enjoy your entire media collection from multiple televisions in the home.


You have a company to run, you have more important things to worry about than controlling things like lights and temperature. Set the right mood for your clients every day without having to lift a finger, it’s all ready to go before you walk into the office. You can also automate your meeting rooms (projector, screen, blinds, and all), set up an intercom system for easy communication, and give the right ambience with lighting and music installation.



Excellence, Tailored for You

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Big Fish is proud to install Control4, a local Utah company that has won several awards for their lighting and smart home systems. Designed for convenience, Control4 is individually tuned to fit your lifestyle. You can start by automating one room at a time, or you can make your entire estate a smart home. It’s all up to you.

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