Setting the Thermostat

There is a chill in the air, the leaves are turning colors, and kids are talking about Halloween costumes. It’s fall, for sure, and that means the heater in your home will soon be on more often. Everyone likes to be comfortable in their own home, and having the temperature set at the perfect spot […]

Making the Perfect Conference Room

Working in almost any profession means that you’ll spend time in meetings. Some meetings seem like necessary evils, while others are effective opportunities to share and implement new ideas and products. The success of any meeting can be largely influenced by having an engaging conference room. Here are some tips for creating an effective, inviting […]

Lighting Control

Have you ever visited a relative or friend’s house, especially for an extended stay, and been baffled by the light switches? Spent 5 minutes even in your own house trying to remember which switch turns on the garage light? Worried that a burglar would be able to tell you were on vacation since the lights […]

Media Room Fun

What are the rooms in your home designed for? Kitchen: well, that’s easy: making food. Living room: duh! living. But more formal living, like greeting guests, is the understanding. Bedroom: again, easy. Sleeping. You know, on a bed. Bathroom: Pretty obvious. Bathing. And other things we all know the room is designed for. But what […]

Home Theater Seating

Home theaters create a movie-going experience, minus the “going” part, of course. A nice sound system, big display (through a large HD TV or a projector) and the right lighting all contribute to the feeling of being in a real movie theater. Another huge part of the experience that sometimes gets overlooked is the seating. […]

Why Wireless Locks?

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the parking lot, arms full of groceries, children, or briefcases, and about 20 feet from the car, you just push a button and the doors unlock. No fumbling for the keys, no balancing act with the items in your arms. Simple. Easy. And then you get home, gather up […]

LED Lighting Awesomeness

LED (light-emitting diode) have increased in popularity recently. LEDs last longer than other types of lighting, and use less energy to make the same amount of light. But the big reason to use LEDs is the amazing spectrum of color that can be created. LEDs can create light in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths, […]

Tips for Buying a Home Theater System

Buying a new home theater takes a great deal of research, knowledge and confidence. To start, consider what you will use your equipment for. Do you want it primarily for watching television, movies and/or listening to music around your house as well? Do you want to connect your video game systems to the set-up? Once […]

New Blog

Welcome to our new blog. We will be adding articles, tips and updates periodically moving forward.