Whole House Audio

Bring music to every room in your home with distributed audio systems from Big Fish Automation.

Whole House Audio in Utah

Are you passionate about music? Have you ever wished you could:

  • Listen to your iPod in a different room?
  • Wake up to your favorite playlist of pump-up songs in the morning?
  • Plug in your iPod in any room?
  • Stream your iTunes library from anywhere in the house?
  • Fill the whole house with the same songlist?

Not only is it possible, it’s easy and awesome with whole house audio systems from Big Fish Automation — and what’s more, you can control it from any room in the house, from your iPad or any smartphone.

Whole House Audio Systems

Whole House (or multi-room) home audio systems provide relaxing background music every day or more upbeat tunes for a weekend party. They provide both indoor tunes and outdoor grooves. Gone are the days of party music blasted so loud that conversation isn’t possible while those outside of the main room don’t get to enjoy the featured music.

Big Fish whole house audio systems make your music come alive. The Hi Fi sound quality puts Bose systems to shame, and they’re simple for us to retrofit into your existing home.

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multi-room audio in Utah