Surround Sound


Make sure your audio is maximized for your viewing experience with surround sound that takes you into the action on your screen. Surround Sound Systems are the basis of High Definition, immersive sound.

You can install surround sound systems in:

  • Home Theaters
  • Multi-Media rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Master Bedrooms

Most commonly, surround sound systems have seven speakers and one subwoofer, as shown in the diagram below. However, it’s not uncommon to have as few as five speakers and as many as ten speakers. Also, some people choose to have as many as four subwoofers. Big Fish Automation will look at the room and determine how many speakers and subwoofers are required to achieve the amazing sound you’re looking for.


7.1 Surround Sound




There are three styles of speakers to choose from, and two styles of subwoofers to choose from. All of these are on display in our showroom.

Speaker Styles

  • In-wall/In-ceiling 
  • On-wall/Bookshelf
  • Floor Standing

In-wall, bookshelf and floor standing speakers

Subwoofer Styles

  • Floor Standing
  • In-wall

Floor standing and in-wall subwoofers


Learn more about JBL Synthesis — the standard in surround sound technology.