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Revel's Ultima Salon 2 Reference Loudspeakers- Currently on Display

Revel’s Ultima Salon 2 Reference Loudspeakers — Currently on display

There is something very special, almost magical about listening to your favorite music on a high fidelity music system. A musical experience happens the moment when you press play. The walls seem to disappear, as that “you are there” feeling comes listening to your favorite playlist.We all love music at Big Fish and this is the standard we have set for the equipment and systems we sell.Our high end audio systems range from world class reference components to speakers for any budget, but they all will give you the ability to have a musical concert like experience on demand whenever, wherever you want.


Prima Luna Prologue Premium Vacuum Tube Amplifer — Currently on display $2299 MSRP

Prima Luna has set a new standard for performance in it’s price class garnering the praise and accolades of the audiophile press.The Absolute Sound ReviewStereophile Review


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Revel Performa 3 F208 Loudspeakers — Currently on display $2499 MSRP

Revel’s new Performa Series of Loudspeakers sound as good as they look, borrowing many of the sonic attributes of their world class Ultima siblings.  Come experience them today!


NAD’s High Performance Budget Champion C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier- Currently on display $549 MSRP


Mark Levinson Reference components — Currently on display

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